soul coaching

I love to work on deep levels with souls that are committed to live in alignment with their purpose…

Since 2010 I share 1:1-sessions (in Swedish/English) with souls that seek alignment and deeper meaning in their lives. Whether it’s to heal the physical body, get in touch with their intuition, or change belief systems/patterns to lead a balanced life – the purpose for these 1:1-sessions serves to align this journey through life with the soul’s mission.

the SOUL COACHING sessions with me are for the ones that long for

  • a place to freely explore and remember their authentic code
  • healthy relationships with themselves and everyone around
  • more peace, playfulness and joy in life
  • leading a thriving and meaningful career
  • clear boundaries and capacity to hold their energy
  • alignment with their soul’s purpose
  • accessing the deep wisdom of their blueprint

Sessions last approximately 60 min – each session holds the exact amount of energy that can be received/alchemized for the time being.

Energy exchange is made through Paypal or Swish. 144 USD / 1444 SEK / 144 € session

A bundle of 5 x 60 min is also available for 555 USD / 5555 SEK / 555 €

Schedule your session via:

Sessions are held via FaceTime / Zoom / WhatsApp.

As I guide these sessions, I draw wisdom from my personal energetic gifts, Theta healing, Shamanic practices, Mother Nature, Yoga, Sound healing, Crystal magic, Oracle decks, Channelings, Energy and Alignment work – all to create a unique container, a space for you to heal, thrive and awaken deeper parts.

I love witnessing people shift and step into higher versions of themselves, leading healthy, meaningful and authentic lives where they can be present through the changes life offers. If you wanna learn more about my journey, keep reading til the end of this page…

Sometimes we forget to update our lives and we loose life force and our sense of purpose is lost in limbo…

In a world, where we once were forced to choose direction in life / profession / partner, at the age of 18 and then stick to that, it is now different!

We are at a place in time where that is no longer the case, yet so many things are behind, almsot resisting these upgrades and updates…

Therefore we see a lot of mental health issues – a.k.a. soul’s being out of alignment – as we’re programmed with “there’s something wrong with us and we need to change if we don’t fit in”, when in reality, it is merely the fact that, we’ve outgrown these old systems and walking that same path over and over is draining and in the end leaves the soul depleated

Being a soul who has always lived outside the box and created my own path, I have a few decades of experience in navigating this life AND updating and upgrading along the way. At times it has felt almost impossible, as the world around has championed conformity and a certain path and structure, in order to be supported and seen as successful. Personally I’ve realized over the years, that the reason why I’ve always loved my life and experienced such magic and have had the strength to overcome ANYTHING, is the fact that my soul has seen success and a meaningful life in a whole different way than what’s been fed through media and society. It has taken a certain kind of courage to tread these waters and honestly, most people don’t do it until they’re forced to…maybe they get really sick, hit the wall, or a loved one passes over to the light..or they might even experience a period of psychosis (or “psychic downloads” as I like to call them – the oversoul steps in and pours in all the wisdom at once…). Most people neglect the signs along the way, that a change is needed, as we aren’t shown a way, to navigate through these unpaved paths… I am here to facilitate a container that can be used pro-actively, so we learn to understand our individual signs, long before an imbalance has gotten out of hands…

One of my assets, is that, somehow, I’ve always had the capacity to encourage my self and the people connected to me, to follow the way of the heART – where the soul resides – AND empower growth no matter how difficult the path my seem…. as the saying goes “NO MUD, NO LOTUS” – GOD I feel that so so deep in my bones…

An important aspect to shine light on is that, regardless of the title of our profession, job or livelihood, we can never loose our soul’s “work” – what we’re here to do! That is part of our blueprint and way beyond limiting mind-created titles and systems…Sometimes, we just don’t know how to navigate though and we can feel out of alignment…

Personally, I’m grateful to somehow always have known this innately, as I would’ve missed so many fun things in life! Opportunities to grow and expand on a personal level – and for everyone crossing my path – would’ve been lost, had I listened to the limiting point of views and questions posed upon me. Oh My, how I’ve thanked my lucky star over the years, for guiding me to follow my TRUE NORTH and not the compass of society. This innate KNOWING, is the wisdom of the soul, and it always reminds me that my true “work” in this world, is not attached to a certain title…

Part of my experience is that, 20 years ago it was a bit “weird” to be a TV-host, actress, artist, dancer, painter, silversmith and yoga teacher at the same time… these days the new normal is for people to be fucking badasses at so many things! I must say I do love the direction we’re heading in!! However, we still need support and guidance along the way – which is something I wish would be more accessible – hence why I do the work I do…

I love to share what I wish would’ve been available for me along the way, so that others don’t have to face the turmoils and hardships I had to go through, but instead can get en route and start sharing their unique presence and soul’s light with this world… Whether that is with their 5 kids, in the room of other day traders, being a teacher, working in a hospital, being an entrepreneur, being the boss and leading hundreds of people in their business… we all need tools to navigate this world AND being true to our selves and soul missions while doing it!

I’m looking forward to connect with you!



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