“Concealed / Revealed”

On saturday night my actor-friend Rachel Jessica Tan, took me to the opening

of “an exposé of secret paintings by Scarlett Lacey – “Concealed / Revealed”

at Art Share in downtown Los Angeles.

The coolest art exibition I’ve ever been to…

The thing with these paintings was that they were 2 in 1.

With lights on, a subtle beautiful art work displayed the gallery…

concealing what was about to get going under the black lights

I fell in love with her subtle and seductive pieces on the spot!

This London-born chick and former film producer, is just freakin’ amazing!

If you have a chance to see the exhibition, do it – It has to be experienced live:

check out ART SHARE – a non-profit organization providing art music and drama classes to under-served inner-city youth – by clicking here

a bientôt,