Happy Monday!

Had a day on my own today and found a “meditation-tune” I wrote in June 2011, after a wonderful midsummer-weekend in the woods and hoods outside of Arvika in Sweden. Amazing nature, food and beautiful friends inspired me!

Enjoy this beautiful scenery LOL – my present room is not as zen as the woods in Arvika, but I love it anyways: contrasts make my life!



Silence is indigo and white

I melt down

Alone for a while

Meditation in mind

My mind’s observing

Life and the unknown

Feeling fine and blown


By the magnificence

I’m truly blessed

I get dressed up in my love

In my love

Release a passion flowing from my heart

This is a great start

And a great end

To another day in paradise

Dead – I’m reborn

A moment in a second, second

And my fingertips, my lips

They touch

So I kiss myself

Happy smile

I hug myself

I’m grateful for life

For life

For life

For life

For life