My cousin Jonas and his wife Sarah had a baby-girl about 4 moths ago.

This is a dedication to her:


On Sunday Nov the 13th I met you for the first time.

You’re a very special little angel – a Fairy and a Rockstar all in one!

I feel so grateful to be around you…



It’s healing to be around you

A smile of love surrounds you

Oh dear Lovisa, Lovisa


You are a shining star

You have a rainbow in your heart

Oh dear Lovisa, Lovisa


The wisdom in your eyes,

They send a message from the wise

Angel Lovisa, Lovisa


Your voice expand so wide

You sing and float from tide to tide

You are Lovisa, Lovisa


Your soul enlights the way

Follow your heart from day to day

Angel Lovisa Lovisa


When you grow up you’ll be

The queen of roses and the sea

Princess Lovisa, Lovisa


Sweet dreams my dear Lovisa

Become your dreams my dear Lovisa

mmm mmmm

Lovisa, Lovisa


I love you Lovisa