Follow your heART retreat SWEDEN

ÖSTERLEN may 21-24 2020

When the rape fields glow neon yellow, when the magnolia and apple trees bloom in May, I invite you to the “follow your heART retreat” in Österlen in the south of Sweden. Surrounded by the beautiful nature and the magical light down here, we dive into the heart’s creative space this Christ’s Ascension weekend and May New Moon. We meet for lunch on Thursday May 21st at 1 pm and end Sunday afternoon on May 24th at 3 pm.

This weekend rests in the soft and healing power of YiN energy. I will share what I love most: intuitive painting / drawing / writing, yoga, crystal meditation, nature walks, breathing exercises, gong baths, picnics, new moon ceremony, plant-based food, music… simply what makes the heart sing and the eyes of the soul widen the spectra.

the “Follow your heART retreat” is for the ones who want to: give themselves space to feel more; deepen the symbiosis with the physical body at a cellular and intuitive level; dare to follow the heart through life’s ebbs and flows; let ones unique creative life force flow freely…

these days are for you who fell called to “follow your heART” on expanded levels.


All materials needed for the various exercises and rituals are included + 4 lunches, 3 snacks, 3 dinners, as well as nuts and fruits between the various exercises.

all registrations are final as the spots are limited.

register by mail:

Payments are made through swish, invoice or PayPal.

please notify me if you wish to book accommodation, need transportation guidance (see below), or if you wish to split the payment.


Alt 1: the house in Vitaby

There are a few beds up for grabs in the cute little house where I live in Vitaby. If you choose to stay here, breakfast is included for 3 days, as well as sheets and towels. Transport to and from all the different places we will be at, as well as pick up / drop off at bus / train if needed.


Alt 2: hotel / b & b

If you want more privacy or wish to have a little more luxurious stay, there are lots of cozy hotels, b&b and guest houses around this area. Just reach out to me and I will guide you in the direction of your preferences.

INVESTMENT: ca 600 –  3000 SEK  / night incl. breakfast.

Alt 3: camping

If you want to be one with nature, there are wonderful places to camp! Just let me know if you need suggestions on locations in the area! If you choose to camp, it’s probably easiest to have your own car, however, we can figure it out if you need pick-up and drop-offs, or if you wish to come to the house for breakfasts and showers.


If you fly from abroad, the best airport to look for is COPENHAGEN. If you fly domestic in Sweden, there are flights to KRISTIANSTAD/ÖSTERLEN AIRPORT, as well as MALMÖ.

There are trains from Copenhagen, as well as from all over Sweden that can take you to either:  KRISTIANSTAD, YSTAD or SIMRISHAMN. From there you can take the bus to RAVLUNDA KYRKA, or I can pick you up.

For those of you that come by car, just let me know and I’ll give you the exact location.


My name is Desirée Rosborg and I am the host of this retreat. I grew up in the deep forests of Tiveden, in the south of Sweden. Since day 1, nature has been my main source of inspiration. The way it holds, reflects, shows, teaches and communicates – has always been essential to me, as well as the freedom to create art in all its forms. For a couple of years now I’ve had the mantra “follow your heART” tattooed on my left collar bone. This phrase has been with me for years and was the title of an upcoming vernissage I had, which is why I had the words imprinted upon the opening of the art show …

During the 39 years I’ve breathed this life, I’ve lived and worked all over the world… as a dancer, singer, healer, yoga teacher, TV-host, silversmith, artist, songwriter, actress etc.. I have lived in different cultures and taken time to dive deep into shamanism, theta-healing, various yoga styles, surfing, snowboarding, breathing exercises etc. … ALL OF IT has given me experiences and gems of wisdom that have assisted my self on my journey through life, as well as the people crossing my path. For the past 10 years I’ve worked a lot with 1:1 sessions and I am in awe of the magic and transformation that happens during those sessions. It truly is something extra special, when CHOOSING and DEVOTING TIME and LIFE FORCE together, to update and upgrade the body / belief systems / soul’s truths / directions in life / being-ness…

It feels so amazing to finally host a “follow your heART retreat”, something that I’ve dreamed of many many years (actually long before we even had the little family house here in Österlen). The fact that this reatreat is being held in May, when everything is blossoming pretty much everywhere, feels extra magical! To be held in that AND dive deep into the creative power of the heart, will be an amazing experience!

This retreat is going to be one for the books!

I warmly welcome you!

with love,


if you have any questions please email me at: