Happy New Year Everyone!

I’m sending some love and light from Byron Bay, NSW, Australia, where I’m currently residing…and I’ve actually decided to stay here for a while…

I’ve been meaning to write and share pics and experiences from the last months here in the land down under – it will pop up within the next week or so – but first I just wanted to leave a note on the thoughts and feelings over the transition into the new year…

Before heading to OZ, I bought a couple of notebooks in San Diego. One of them had a quote on the cover saying:

“follow your heart – it knows the way”.

I bought it as a reminder to myself, in times when mind and reasoning tend to take over.

I love the quote and this year I’m surrendering to that essence totally – becoming more aware and listening to my inner teacher from moment to moment, letting my heART rule. That’s why I’ve decided to stay here in Byron Bay. I have no history here, it’s just pure nature and new inspiration around the corner everywhere, plus my cousin and his beautiful family lives here – all in all it’s just very healing and free to be here at this time and point in my life. An amazing place to build the new, plant seeds for the thext 9 years to come – cause according to numerology 2012 is my number 1: new begginnings.

It is with gratitude in my heART that I say good-bye to 2011 and that whole era, that was my first beautiful and strong 31 years, this lifetime. It’s been great, but I’m glad I’m no longer the same, not hostage in my own superwoman-being. I believe that we do take on certain roles and patterns in life, to survive the circumstances that the environment and life surprisingly presents before us from time to time – some for good, some for bad. Survival mode made me take on this immaculate persona, always handling everything, always pulling through, always managing every situation presented before me AND at the same time living and doing my own passions in life. A little too intense and exhausting I must say. I’m glad the times have changed, I don’t need to be all that anymore, I can focus on my heART now. WELCOME 2012, you’ve started out great soft, flowy, intuitive, caring and open.

This year I will be my self to the fullest extent: new chapters will be written, new songs will be sung and literally there will be new waves to ride everyday!

Happy New Year!

love & light,