creative energy

positive people

great impact



Important words in my every-day-life.

To support me in the direction I’m heading and help me keep the child in me alive, without being childish; to help me grow up, rather than growing old; to take responsibility for my own life and the relations I choose to have; to treat others the way I want to be treated;

to close the doors that need to leave space for new ones to open up

Whenever I reflect over things that might not satisfy me, serve me, or teach me what I need anymore, I always hear a phrase in my head:

“admit the truth”

What’s here and now that gives energy?

What’s within that wants to live and explore more?

Being alive means change and being open to the changes that comes and to sometimes be the change that needs to be in a bigger context…

What I choose to give space to in my life, to who and to what I open the door, is crucial for my wellbeing. Most of my life I’ve lived a very active, high-performance-life. To create space for my Self, my friends and family, my creativity, nutritious food etc. has become essential for me. If all that ain’t balanced, I get sick, injured, irritated or miserable. But when

in balance I feel free!

From time to time I’ve noticed how easy it is to fall into habits and patterns that just become routine. To let doors open and close by themselves, as if they were not maneuverable. To accept a bad behaviour from a colleague, to settle for junk food, to cut down on the quality-time with oneself or a friend, or to say no to the things one would like to do more but just don’t take time for anymore… habits that turn into unaware patterns and make life blassé. Things, people and places that make life stagnant and full of resistence and effort, stuff that turn the unique alive human being into a “half-dead” or “half-asleep” person.

Sometimes it’s easier said than done to change a habit, a regular pattern, a living routine that might have become a part of the identity, I know…but if it doesn’t function anymore:

to close that door and leave space for what gives energy, can be life-changing.

The more aware and awake I am in the choices I make, the things I do, the people I surround myself with, the environment I spend most of my days in – the more vibrant and amazing days I have. To listen to the inner teacher and to follow the gut-feeling are great compasses in my life.

Whenever I stand before a “difficult decision”, unsure of whether I should accept offer A or B, go here or there, stay in a relationship or leave etc…I finally go with the one thing that gives me the most energy. The one thing where my heart and head starts creating and spinning off in a great symbiosis…sometimes it takes 1 minute to know, sometimes 1 year…

I observe the moment. What is the truth? Without any impact from other people, any titles, any expectations, any goals, what resinates? What pulls a vibrant string within and sings out of happiness? What gives that extra courage and curiosity? What is the wish of things to “happen” or “fall into” my life. What gives me energy?

Then I follow through on that one until it’s done… For myself I’ve always felt that, I’ve never had anything to lose, I’ve only seen the things I could win by welcoming the unknown. And believe me, I’ve WON a lot of amazing experiences, jobs, people and things in my life – I am so grateful for that.

When I reflect over my 31 years, I find that I’ve rarely done the same thing twice…I believe that has to do with that once I started walking the path towards maturity and awareness, it became harder to “settle for less”. I love change. I love to learn new things. I love to be the underdog, the one that knows the least and learn so much from everybody else. I love life!

The reason why I’m writing this post is, beacuse over the years when I’ve lived abroad, worked with a lot of different things and fulfilled a lot of my dreams, met amazing people and made beautiful friends – I tend to get the question: how do you do it? how do you get to do all these amazing things? how is it possible?

to me it is just as “simple” as opening and closing doors, being courageous and welcoming to the unknown.

I would like to see more corageous people and empower each and everyone out there to be more aware of what doors in life that are open and which ones that are closed… what do you give space to in your life? Constantly be aware, here and now, have a direction, an activity, without overdoing it or desperately grasping after it. Find your own balance. It’s your life. We are all superheroes!


As an actress and a performer before enetering the stage I always remind myself that “this has never happened before, this will never happen again”… to remember to live truthfully moment to moment, right here, right now.

I believe that’s how life’s supposed to be lived always, 24/7…