The last couple of months I’ve been honored to work alongside Terry Cronin, the owner and designer of Buffalo Girl.

I met her on a sunday night at The Italian here in Byron, when my friend Ida introduced us over Espresso Martinis. We clicked immediately and I pretty much started working on the spot editing pictures, planning for the Buffalo Girl-future LOL!

The next day, I joined Terry in her studio and started to cut, stamp, dye and carve leather and suede for bags, belts, cuffs and other amazing adornments. Two months down the road as her assistant, I’m still stunned every day by this Raw, Rad, Mother-Nature-force, Intuitive and Skilled Pioneer that Terry is. Let me introduce this treasure: miss Buffalo Girl herself a.k.a Terry Cronin!

To me, Terry is an Ocean-Soul. By Ocean-Soul I mean a person that has so many layers, so many talents, so much of everything, that you just never hit the bottom of the soul…a person that constantly surprise and inspire with every breath. An Ocean-Soul has strong intuition and wisdom from ancient times, which shines through every step of the way. An Ocean-Soul is a skilled shapeshifter, capable of adapting into anything or any situation required. An Ocean-Soul just IS, a queen and a pioneer with every action. Terry is all that and more!

Getting to know this fierce woman behind Buffalo Girl, is a rock ‘n roll pleasure!

Terry is a cool “Kiwi”-chic that rides horses and dirtbikes, surfs and skates, and back in the early 90’s she was a professional snowboarder as well, representing New Zealand. Raaad!!!

Being around her everyday, I definitely feel her connection with nature and her NZ-lifeforce. Her curly hair, wild and radiant personality, outshines everything! Not to mention her laughter, that rings right into the heart!

Looking at, touching and wearing her handcrafted pieces, is a unique experience! Her passion for life as well as the love of transforming dreams into amazing things, is present in each Buffalo Girl adornment. I love that she lives everything that she is and that Buffalo Girl really is a whole lifestyle. Everything is an extension and an expression of her forest heart, ocean eyes, other worlds, ancient lifetimes, the ups and downs in life and of the intuitive self…

It’s amazing to witness how people connect with her pieces. The wonderful crystals and feathers in her creations gives extra magic, but I believe it’s her instictive feel that makes Buffalo Girl stand out from everything else out there. The raw, unique, healing, sexy and natural energy the adornments radiate, makes people fall in love, head over heels!! People wanna be close to that magical energy – it makes them feel beautiful!

I’m thrilled to get to spend every day in Terry’s studio, watching and learning as we put each piece together. One bag can take a week to make from scratch – cutting, edging, stamping, carving, dying, sealing, lacing etc. – it all needs to be done with love and focus to get the best results… I love that everything is old-school-hand-made and made to last forever. It’s not duplicable, each adornment is a one off and totally unique!

The other day we met a woman who wore a Buffalo Girl-handbag that she got from her husband 8 years ago. It looked amazing!!! She’d only had it re-laced by Terry a year ago, to keep it tiptop – love it!

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love and light to y’all

/ Seaturtle