Sept. 20th Gibson Amphitheatre, Universal City, Los Angeles

The Bon Iver-concert on Tuesday night was beyond AMAZING! I dare to say that it was the best concert I’ve ever been to! I was blown away…

There is just something special with BON IVER, this 9-piece-band led by Justin Vernon. Their energy, how they transform time and space through their sound in a hypnotizing and meditative way – it’s unique! When they work their magic in the moment, they own the time and stage, as simple and yet so complex, as they are. Noone else could do the same. That’s raw and that’s what I love – their unique authenticity!

They started off the concert with “Perth”, from the latest and self-titled album, shown above. And OH, how I’ve longed to hear those drums and percussions live!! It was better than I ever could’ve imagined, goose bumps right there! The next couple of songs just brilliantly merged into each other as they do on the album as well as through their videos on the webpage:


The whole experience was just out of this world, epic. I loved the way the performance was put together, lightwise, the dynamics of the whole concert, the arrangements of the tunes.

9 people on stage and 9 spots, synching all voices, instruments and energies with the beats. An illuminated soundcloud of pure vibration, vulnurable and unveiled. It was like a movie… The lighting on i.e. “Minnesota” just raised the power of music and the energybubble on stage filled the whole venue like a ripple effect. When “beth/rest” started out, I just travelled back in time to my early teens. For some reason that song, the sound of the synthesizers and the guitarsolo, always takes me back to the era of movies like “Cocktail”, I love the 80/90-sound of it! LOL. At the end of “the wolves”, everybody in the audience sang together: “what might have been lost”. It just regressed…powerful!

Some other highlights that I want to point out was when, Justin was alone on stage, playing a stripped version of “re:stacks” from the 2007 debutalbum “for emma, forever ago”, one could touch the silence in the amphithetatre…and when he sang “your love will be safe with me” – I just wanted to melt…so subtle! By the end he played “skinny love” by himself, backed up by the other eight clapping and stomping as they laid down the phat choires. It was like a folk-jam in a bam on a farm – fucking brilliant!

I love the way the tunes by Bon Iver allows me, and how they invite me, to be one with the music…yet at the same time there’s slack for my own imagination and emotional experience to get carried away by the words, the faggotto or the percussionist’s trance…or the voice of Justin Vernon, which basically needs a chapter on it’s own, which I’m not even gonna start on…let’s just say that the rawness and intimacy of his voice is so cool, clean, simple and genuine!

I am so grateful that I got to experience this simple, yet so complex concert. Glad I got the tourdates tracked down for LA, since I knew I was gonna miss the concert in Stockholm in November.

Thank you Bon Iver for this trance-like performance of musical ecstasy.

I wanna give a big hand as well for the opeing act: OTHER LIVES. An Oklahoma-based ensemble that sounded amazing! I loved their Folk-music. Check it out on:


Last but not least I wanna thank everyone at: surf and beachcamps ZARAUTZ

for introducing this amazing band to my life last summer. Thank you for sharing!!

Okay peps, make sure to check ot the tourdates so you don’t miss out on an epic conert!

love and light to you all,

hugs from a stoked