SWUMlCQpS8xA0_p5uILLXIi7hWPII0WIlCGD5CBlhAAI found yoga in the late 90’s, in Stockholm, Sweden. Initally, it served as complementary “training/exercise”, to my career as a professional dancer. I noticed the benefits the Yogic Breath and the sequencing had on my strength, endurance, flexibility, not to mention the connection with my soul and spirit! Yoga eventually became the primary thing! After completing my Teacher Training with Larry Schultz at It’s Yoga Sonoma in SF in 2010, I started teaching. I teach all levels and various styles as I merge my experiences as an athlete, healer and musician.

All classes, workshops, PT yoga-sessions are customized to your needs, levels, injuries, wishes, wants etc. ALL LEVELS are welcome. I believe that there’s always something we can give ourselves through the practice of yoga – regardless of where we are in life or what our health condition might look like! Curiosity and the will to work through and release in a loving and safe environment, is healing beyond words!