I love to work on deeper levels with souls that are committed to awaken their physical bodies and minds, hearts and souls as they tap into their own truths and essences on expanded levels…

Since 2010 I’ve shared 1:1-sessions with clients who wish to heal their physical body, change belief systems and patterns in life, learn how to direct and focus energy, align with the soul’s purpose, thrive in career and relationships – basically find more peace, playfulness and joy in life…

I love witnessing how people shift and step into higher versions of themselves, leading healthy, meaningful and authentic lives where they can be present through the changes life offers.

In these 11 sessions, it’s you and me 1 on 1 online. We decide on the pace and schedule together – some prefer 11 days straight, others once or twice a week… some sessions might also need a little longer integration before we take on the next part…

Your journey is unique and each session presents itself according to the capacity and wishes your soul has. I use my experiences from different modalities that I’ve practiced throughout the years and create a unique container and safe space for you to heal, thrive and awaken deeper parts. I draw wisdom from Theta healing, Shamanic practices, Mother Nature, Yoga, Ancient modalities, Sound healing, Crystal magic, Oracle decks, Channelings, Energy and Alignment work…

Sessions last approximately 60-90 min – each session holds the exact amount of energy that can be received/alchemized for the time being.

During this immersion you’ll:

  • understand and attune your physical body to support your soul’s path
  • learn how to work through and change belief systems
  • open up dormant gifts within
  • detect and get to know your inner truths
  • understand your personal boundaries on a physical level as well as on a soul level and how to sustain them
  • resolve things / energies / places that have already served their purpose
  • understand the signals and signs within and around you
  • finetune your intuition and intuitive skills
  • learn how you receive messages from your higher self and your guides
  • get hands on tools and exercises to assist you in your life
  • expand the raw authenticity within you

This work tends to gift you a new sense of peace, calm and clarity as you create space within and around you for the next version of you to come forth. After these 11 sessions you’ll experience an overall higher frequency in your life!

Sessions are held via Skype / FaceTime / Zoom or IRL in Stockholm or Österlen.

Looking forward to connect with you:


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