With a smile on my face I’m looking back at last weekend’s amazing festival in Gothenburg Sweden, WAY OUT WEST 2011!

Perfect weather, quality-time with friends, chillaxin’ and sippin’ on a beer or two, indulging amazing music, dancin’ my pants off…this weekend’ll stay in my memory for all times!

I love festivals for the simple reason that I always discover new acts, new bands that I just happen to come across thanks to other people that share the love of music.

So, on beforehand, when looking at the amazing line-up, I knew it would be impossible to decide on any type of schedule for this weekend, if I wanted to leave space for something new… so I decided to go with the flow…

For those of you who couldn’t be there, I would like to share two of my new discoveries by inserting a few clips I found on Youtube:

“The Avett Brothers” 


What can I say, I’m in love! It was love at first sight. Such energy, such artistry, such love for music!

check out their myspace: the avett brothers

The guy playing the cello, was beating that instrument like he was one with it and as if  it had everything he needed…pizzicato, percussion, strumming, swiping…

Not to mention the the guy with the three B’s:

Beard / Bandana / Banjo

He was just amazingly radiant! He played the Banjo like I’ve never seen anyone play Banjo before LOL! The strings literally flew all over the place and he changed the strings cheered by the audience clapping him through…pure love!!

I wanna marry him – for real!!!

another new favourite is:

“Loney Dear”


The music that comes from this guy is so unique and pure! It was soooooo cool that he used the audience as “singers” instead of having a string-setup. The audience laid down parts of the background – awesome!

The 3rd song he played – which I unfortunately can’t find – made me cry…so in the moment, and astonishingly beautiful!!

check out his webpage: Loney Dear

Apart from these two amazing acts I have to mention,

  • the f***in’ amazing performance by Fleet Foxes! Such passion for music is a privilege to experience! The way they play – TIGHT!! SO TIGHT!!
  • Prince – I totally understand why he’s such a tremendously big artist and icon. To blow 30 000 people’s mind, so that they stand quietly as he walks forward on the catwalk – that’s presence!! It was a “once-in-a-lifetime-experience” to hear all his hits and sway to his funky guitar-riffs…The purple rain that fell down is a memory for lifetimes…
  • Empire of the sun  – amazing to watch and to be part of that “jungle-love-artistry” they send out. Their dancers and costumes and songs and…yeah! What more can I say than: It was freakin awesome! They totally know how to use a stage and make the most out of it whether there’s one person alone or 9 people sharing it – DYNAMIC!!
  • Kanye West – I loved the contemporary dancers!! Wow! Cool that an artist like that dares to spice it up with cross-overs that are unexpected. Some of the slow parts were a little too long though….but I mean, When “All of the lights” came on – I tripped!!! So, all in all, an amazing experience, and cool to hear Kanye actually “sing”.
  • Janelle Monae – she rocks my world 🙂 period.

Unfortunately there’s only 24 hours in a day so I missed out on a couple of acts that I wish I would’ve had time for:

  •  Zola Jesus, an amazing band. They were one of the opening acts at The XX’s consert in Oakland, California in October last year….the singer in Zola’s got an amazing voice!! When I first heard her I was like: “what is this? She doesn’t sing opera, not indie-like either… but where the hell does that amazing voice come from in that tiny little blonde girl”!! I love to get surprised like that!! So for those who got to see Zola Jesus – LUCKY YOU!
  • I didn’t get to dance to Little Dragon either, whom my friend Donovan from the US introduced to me last year. Ironically she’s from Gothenburg, so I “should’ve” known about her, but I didn’t until last May 🙂 anyways, I’ll end this blog post with my favourite tune of her’s.


Hope you got inspired and found some new amazing music

love from Seaturtle