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art by Castle Design

Last week I got a beautiful email from my webdesigner Sarah at CASTLE DESIGN.

I smiled as I opened the attached file – she’d made me this:

what can I say – I LOVE IT!!

Thank you Sarah for such a beautiful piece!

Thanks for always sharing your creativity unconditionally.

You are amazing!

Love & Light


fantasy is reality

some people say that it is an escape to live in fantasy

some people say that it is a getaway to become your dreams

some people say that it is irresponsible to be free

but what if they’re wrong…

what if the world actually isn’t the way it is looked upon through their eyes…

what if they actually escape from reality blinded by their fantasy…

what if it’s their fear speaking…

what if it’s their lack of courage proclaiming…

yeah, what if…

either way:

everybody has a life


noone can censor your inside

it is your world

it is your fantasy

it is you reality…

so stay creative and inspired at whatever condition arises within

be a living example

become your dream

make your own imprints in the world…