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photography: www.cheriecherokee.com


I need to breathe fresh air
Hear the wind
Feel the morning mist cover my face
Touch the mountain and the texture as I climb to the sky
The scent of wet forest
The dew on my clothes as I sit down
I need a good swim in the sea, to feel my body cleansed
All these thoughts dissolved
All impressions on my skin fade away
Pure freedom
I’m reborn


I woke up earlier than I thought today.

Just had breakfast.

Now drinking coffee, writing, reflecting over life and these past days…

I’ve felt so agitated and slept weird lately…nightmares mixed with beautiful dreams.

A lot of cleansing going on in my subconscious.

During the daytime I’ve been irritated by so many things, people, places, crowds…

And I’ve been supersensitive to sounds, energies and words…


My mom always tells me that when I start to dislike things that I usually love – I need to slow down…I’m getting drained.

She is so right, that is a great sign for me, to retreat and sit back…

That is a beautiful moment to be cherished, before moving on…



I need some quality-time by myself, with my heART and with my loved one…


It’s been a little too much lately.

School, plus a lot of moving around since I was in between apartments, the financial situation was a bit tricky…

I had a skin-reaction to some bites that turned out really nasty…

You know, a lot of things at the same time…

We all have those moments now and then, it’s part of the circle of life…there is night, there is day, there is ebb and flow, seasons change and we grow…

This too shall pass.


I am in a major transition in my life right now.

I’m skinless, so therefore I need to take more care.

Prevent myself from harsh environments, people, words, venues etc…


Life is life, with all the colors of the rainbow.

I’m gonna sit back for a while and just watch that spectra.

Life is beautiful.

I am so grateful for what have been gems to learn from, what is right before me this very moment and what is waiting around the corner…


Become your dream



meditation – silence is Indigo and White

Happy Monday!

Had a day on my own today and found a “meditation-tune” I wrote in June 2011, after a wonderful midsummer-weekend in the woods and hoods outside of Arvika in Sweden. Amazing nature, food and beautiful friends inspired me!

Enjoy this beautiful scenery LOL – my present room is not as zen as the woods in Arvika, but I love it anyways: contrasts make my life!



Silence is indigo and white

I melt down

Alone for a while

Meditation in mind

My mind’s observing

Life and the unknown

Feeling fine and blown


By the magnificence

I’m truly blessed

I get dressed up in my love

In my love

Release a passion flowing from my heart

This is a great start

And a great end

To another day in paradise

Dead – I’m reborn

A moment in a second, second

And my fingertips, my lips

They touch

So I kiss myself

Happy smile

I hug myself

I’m grateful for life

For life

For life

For life

For life



another day in paradise


                     a walk on the beach

                                              healing ocean

                            my soul is  at rest

                                             even on a cloudy day like this

everything is perfect  

                      just as it should be      

                                    I’m back in the City of Angels

                                                                Three weeks so far

                                                                              letting things unfold at its own pace

             and as always:

                                                                          “everything and nothing has happened”

                                                                                when I’m here


 I just happen, life happens…


                                              different perspective

shift focus


                          hikes in the mountains.

                                                      naps on the beach.

it’s amazing.

                                        Life is amazing.



       this place nurtures my soul      


to be the eye of the storm

decontaminating in a polluted place

yeah life is funny

                                                             I know, and, I love it it


                  a healthy mindset

                               not polluted at all

                                                  a breeze of love

                                                                        brushing through

                                                                        surrounded by the people I attract

                                                      strangers that become friends

      we’re all people

 having the opportunity

                                                 to share love unconditionally

                                     to choose which hurricane to flow with…

                                                                                                                                               time out

let life happen . be . recieve.

cause, like the wall in Santa Monica says:


it doesn’t have to be more complicated than that


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Dear Dear Aria – a lullaby dedicated to one of the greatest inspirations on earth:


Fading – cover of Dutch singer Anouk’s amazing song:


A Case Of You – I love Joni Mitchell and Diana Krall! This is me kind of merging into their versions of this beautiful Joni-tune:


listen to the ocean

hear the inner teacher

the deepest core

be a love warrior

/ Seaturtle













this last year has been amazingly overwhelming

a new level of welcoming the unknown

being around healing people

and travelling alone

hangin out with my self and

spending most of my time with nature

taking time to digest everything so far

time to rephrase

time to congregate

healing silence

inspiring winds

trust in the presence

being ok with a foggy view

feeling security in not knowing

giving space for the unclear to become clear

sunny mornings

rainy days

sleepless nights

beautiful chaos

to let every breath

 that extra space inside

to learn new things

and taking in