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photography: www.cheriecherokee.com


I need to breathe fresh air
Hear the wind
Feel the morning mist cover my face
Touch the mountain and the texture as I climb to the sky
The scent of wet forest
The dew on my clothes as I sit down
I need a good swim in the sea, to feel my body cleansed
All these thoughts dissolved
All impressions on my skin fade away
Pure freedom
I’m reborn


I woke up earlier than I thought today.

Just had breakfast.

Now drinking coffee, writing, reflecting over life and these past days…

I’ve felt so agitated and slept weird lately…nightmares mixed with beautiful dreams.

A lot of cleansing going on in my subconscious.

During the daytime I’ve been irritated by so many things, people, places, crowds…

And I’ve been supersensitive to sounds, energies and words…


My mom always tells me that when I start to dislike things that I usually love – I need to slow down…I’m getting drained.

She is so right, that is a great sign for me, to retreat and sit back…

That is a beautiful moment to be cherished, before moving on…



I need some quality-time by myself, with my heART and with my loved one…


It’s been a little too much lately.

School, plus a lot of moving around since I was in between apartments, the financial situation was a bit tricky…

I had a skin-reaction to some bites that turned out really nasty…

You know, a lot of things at the same time…

We all have those moments now and then, it’s part of the circle of life…there is night, there is day, there is ebb and flow, seasons change and we grow…

This too shall pass.


I am in a major transition in my life right now.

I’m skinless, so therefore I need to take more care.

Prevent myself from harsh environments, people, words, venues etc…


Life is life, with all the colors of the rainbow.

I’m gonna sit back for a while and just watch that spectra.

Life is beautiful.

I am so grateful for what have been gems to learn from, what is right before me this very moment and what is waiting around the corner…


Become your dream



Whitsundays – a piece of paradise

At the end of July, I went on a 2-day sailing and diving-trip to the Whitsundays, 74 Island Wonders located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef on the tropical coast of Queensland, Australia. Me and my family boarded the Catamaran “Wings II” in piqturesque Airlie Beach, excited to float on the turquoise water with  Whitsunday Sailing Adventure.


Wings II had an amazing crew that took us around the islands, stopping at great diving and snorkel spots. It was surreal to sail through the epic landscape, and on top of that, see the world beneath us as well. Since 70% of the world is covered in waterm there’s quite a lot to see down there.

I  hadn’t been scuba diving since January last year (when I got my Open Water certificate in Bali) so I was eager to get into the water! We had a great instructor, Jake, very easygoing, calm, passionate and professional so I could feel safe and sound with all the eqipment again.

To get to dive and snorkel at The Great Barrier Reef has been a dream since early school days. I remember reading about UNESCO’s natural wonders of the world: The Great Barrier Reef is one of them – the world’s largest reef system! It’s so big it can be seen from outer space!

The diving was epic and I could feel my whole being smiling – it’s so wonderful to cruise through the water, listen to the breath, watching the beauty harnessed in the underwaterworld: MAGICAL!




More than 1,500 fish species live on the reef, and one of them is our little friend Nemo, also known as the clownfish.


The underwater photos  are taken by Jake, the amazing dive master at Wings.

The second day we sailed to the wellknown Whitehaven Beach. All I can say is: Postcard view! Such amazing clear turquoise water and the finest and whitest sand I’ve ever seen. WELCOME TO P A R A D I S E





As always when I experience wonders of nature like this – something happens inside. Weird and odd… I just freak out of happiness, blown away by the energy, yet struck by the peace it brings my soul. The whole register of contradictions flows through as I’m breathtaken. I’m crying, smiling, singing, running around FEELING the space with every cell of my body. Whether I’m snowboarding from the top of a mountain through epic backcountry-landscape, or sitting on the whitest beach in the world… it’s bliss. My heart smiles and my soul is at rest when I’m surrounded by grande nature…

the seashells were so fragile and intricate








 The reason why the sand is so white, is because the grains have rested here for millennia. As tides turned and seasons changed the elements stripped impurities from the grains until there was only brilliant white silica left…

The 2 days with Wings II were a once-in-a-lifetime-experience, thanks to the amazing captain, the dive master, the chef, the beautiful weather and the 21 other adventurers on board. I’m so grateful for this trip. Thank you Mom and J for making it happen sooner than never.








If you ever take the opportunity to travel to Australia, make sure to visit the Whitsundays. It’ll be a beautiful memory for lifetimes.


love and light