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podcast premiere!

follow your heART the PODCAST

follow your heART has been the mantra of my soul for as long as I can remember and is now tattooed on my left collar bone right above the heART…

art, in all its forms, has been the joy and healing of my life for forever. in this PODCAST series I am sharing poetry, meditations, emotions, questions, conclusions, songs, wisdom, yoga, interviews … the full spectra from dark to light of messages from my soul in channeled through my heART. whatever has come through has helped me understand my path…

for whatever it’s worth, maybe this podcast inspires you to follow your unique heART…

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in the first episode I share my feelings about S O L I T U D E and the importance of it for the soul to keep growing. when I haven’t been surrounded by people that have had the capacity to meet me at my level, I have surrendered to solitude. the songs, paintings and poetry that has come to me in those times, have been essential for my human self to keep going. I begin this episode by sharing the Gayatru mantra and end it with my song LULLABY TO MY SELF. if you want the song in it’s entirety, it is available on itunes, just click the link below.


love & light
Desirée Rosborg

Lullaby to My Self

It is funny how things appear at the exact right time.

Two days ago while browsing my computer to find my CV, randomly a song popped up. It was a take from a jam-session with Bruce this summer. I improvised, while Bruce strummed the guitar.

It’s all in one take, raw and not manicured at all. I love it though, just for the fact that it was exactly what I needed to hear…

I’ve added some pics from the trips this year….Bali, Nusa Lembongan, Stockholm, California, Australia…

Here’s the first draft of “Lullaby to My Self”


Hope you enjoy it.

love and light to y’all