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welcome to “DDsthlm”

April 29th was the opening day for my little haven “DesiréeDesignSTockHoLM”! I can’t believe I finally have a space for everything I love to do!! After all these years living across the world in suitcases and temporary places, it feels amazing to have all my things under the same roof! I can paint, make music, practice yoga, make jewelry, have workshops and lectures, throw events…pretty much do anything I want, AND what people in the community want! cause that’s really what I hope DDsthlm to be: a creative center for people that gravitate towards art, wisdom, love, yoga, design, freedom, music, abundance, curiosity, healing, authenticity… a space for all ages to cultivate creativity, raise awareness, share, to be who we are to the fullest extent in a beautiful way.

Welcome to the art space / studio www.ddsthlm.com  @ Allhelgonagatan 6 in skanstull, Stockholm!

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my rain…

Today I woke up early. Could have slept in, but destiny had set an alarm.  Some friggin clock rang somewhere… First I was pissed off. Why today? I’m off, I can sleep however long I want – for once!!!

I woke up in the middle of a dream. I hate when I can’t close the stories and layer off slowly. I wanna finish that world and slowly transition into embracing the day. These cut-offs…I feel naked all day. I’m more vulnarable, I feel “revealed” in a sense…plus every other time, I become more doubtful than ever…

First world problems. Yes. I know. Yet something weighs my soul and it is on days like this I can release and let go…
I don’t have any energy to resist…

Thank God for healing arts, for eternal ways to let the soul express itself…




Some people say ”stop crying”.

When they say ”stop crying”,

”stop crying”,

they don’t know what they´re talking about.

It’s a phrase learnt from society,

based on fear & discomfort,

a wish that everything could be,



Each and every tear,

is a step closer to heal something…

I say


You will never regret a tear

it’s a release.

The soul feel ease.

If anyone tells you different,

it comes from resentment and bitterness.


Sometimes it’s better to shut up,

let the tears fall one by one.


One tear at a time.

It’s ok.

After all,

this is a good day.




Foggy Daylight

In July last year, me and my Brazilian friend Rodrigo Kblo, biked and skated around Byron Bay to get some footage for a video I had in my head. I wanted to create a little film to my song Foggy Daylight. Here’s the result from that day. The track was recorded  with lovley producer Ben Jones at SAE Byron Bay, April 2012.

Thank you guys!

[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSfZ5mgC7PA&feature=youtu.be[/youtube]


music & lyrics: desirée rosborg
vocals: desirée rosborg
piano: desirée rosborg, ben jones
producer: ben jones @ Guerillabyte Media Australia – http://www.guerillabyte.com/
photography: rodrigo kblo http://www.facebook.com/RodrigoCassianoMusic?fref=ts
editor: desirée rosborg
styling: luna collective/desirée rosborg

Big thanks goes out to Terry Cronin @ Buffalo Girl!
Love n light


rehearsal times

The recordings of the upcoming album is slowly but surely unfolding in its divine timing!

Can’t wait to share the tracks with you all!

In the meantime I thought I’d share a little something from a rehearsal we had the other day. It’s simply me, Elle and Stu giving “I love you” a go outside the court house in Byron Bay, refreshing our memories before the actual recording in the studio.

Here’s a little taste:

[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wcqsv3mSX8s&feature=g-upl[/youtube]



love and light


some say I’m a cowboy

hello all you beautiful souls out there in the world!


hope you’re having the time of your life. I’m keepin’ it real in Cali surrounded by amazing people and family.

sending some love and “kid-stuff-buzz-iness” to y’all with another “raw-sketch” of a new song.

just sending a reminder to YOU to use that courage within you, follow your heart and commit to your dreams.

it’s just like the word of wisdom from Ashtanga Yoga founder Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (1915-2009)

” Practice and All Is Coming “

word brother!!!


some say I’m a cowboy

some people say I’m a cowboy

that I’m borderless and free

some people say I’m a seaturtle

that I’m carrying my home with me

Mother earth, so big so small

What can I say, I love it all

Being free is spirituality

So I stay close, to the God in me

some people say I’m a guru

sharing my love and creativity

some say I’m a friend for eternity

some say that I’m, just me

Mother earth, so big so small

What can I say, I love it all

Being free is spirituality

So I stay close, to the God in me

I’m God, I’m me

I’m love, I’m free

I’m a student, I’m a master

I’m a worldwide disaster

haha – I love my life!!

Mother earth, so big so small

What can I say, I love it all

Being free is spirituality

So I stay close, to the God in me