Yesterday was a very emotional day. Some days are like that. More sensitive than others…

The shift, between a relaxed cry and a relaxed smile, can be so tiny. As if they’re the same. Yet so different. But calm. Beautiful to observe. Big. Fragile. Subtler levels paving the path…That’s how yesterday felt, all day…

Even the sunrise was sensitive yesterday, as the pastel nuances slowly woke up over the San Diego-landscape. The sun was gently illuminating the moon, sharing the same sky for a couple of hours. To me the sun is a role-model, always compassionate, showing that sharing makes life more beautiful. The sun is litterally a leading star, a love warrior! Whenever we want to tap into the light, it’s there for us. Even at night, with the moon reflecting the way…

After saying “a bientôt” to my soulmate-friend Aria at LAX yesterday, I got in the car and tears kept rolling down my cheeks. All these beautiful emotions happening. Big smiles on my lips as I drove through this beautiful place, the city of Angels, thinking of all amazing souls crossing my path. Feeling gratitude for everything…




To center myself, get some guidance and let these experiences rule for a while, I went to one of my favorite spots in LA: a place to go anytime, any occasion, no matter what, how, where and when, it always radiates generous wisdom and clarity: the OSHO-corner in Bodhi Tree bookstore in West Hollywood.



Osho is my hero, my joker, my friend, my man, my inspiration, my guru. He is me, I am him, he is free. He’s my laughter, my tears, my breath, my life… he inspires me to open up to the tresaures within and without. He’s a funny guy, a rebel, a shining light! And even though I never met him “live”, before he left the physical world back in 1990, I’m hangin’ out with this dude every day! Look at this pic of Osho that I found – whoever took it, thank you! It’s amazing! He makes me smile every day:)                                 




About two years ago I was heading for yoga-practice at Its Yoga Stockholm. When I got there, a book caught my eye: “Courage” by OSHO. I don’t know how long it had been there, but this particular day I saw it. I bought it at once! As I started reading, I was amazed by the words that came from this Indian mystic. For the first time in my life I felt that someone articulated the way I experienced life. In his presence, his directness, I found so much inspiration, guidance, and COURAGE. And I still do, in all the books I come across, even though you really just need one of his books to “get” the essence. See, he was very intelligent: he created different platforms, for different people, to reach into the core of all kinds of human beings…but it’s all the same, just shown to us from different angles, through different aspects, different languages… His talks have become books, CD’s and DVD’s, on i.e. Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Intuition, Sex, Tao, Joy, Love, Yoga etc. etc. He has pretty much covered everything. No matter where a person happens to be in life, there’s always a chance to reach in… Amazing! He has created tools for a new kind of human being. I love it!



Yesterday when I sat down, I read passages from the book “Nowhere to go but in”…I cried and I smiled, as I felt the truths flowing through me… Osho is healing to me. He is neither this nor that. No need to belong here or there, practice a specific religion or yoga-form. He’s in between and that gives freedom. That helps staying on a unique track, embracing life.


 When I stepped out on Melrose after my little corner-session, I smiled. I was thinking about an earlier occasion in the Osho-corner, with my friend Rachel Jessica Tan (or as I call her in Swedish “Rakel Jessika Solbränna”: It was just a regular “chillin-afternoon” in the “Osho-corner”. We were reading, contemplating, discussing, laughing, crying, yeah, you know – living life. I said to Rachel, “The universe and the people on “the second floor” are having a blast right now, guiding us. They’re having so much fun, playing around and watching us grow”. BAM! a book falls. Rachel, who had her back towards the bookshelf, said exited: “Far out! Which book was it????” I checked… It was “Autobiography of a spiritually incorrect mystic”, by OSHO. On the cover was a picture of OSHO, with a hat, white long beard AND THE COOLEST SUNGLASSES EVER hahaha. I showed miss “TAN/Solbränna”, she cracked up. I laughed and said “I told you, they’re having a blast up there jokin’ around with us”….I opened the book, the chapter was called “THE JOKER”. Do I have to say that I bought the book?!!!

If you haven’t come across any of Osho’s diamonds yet, go out and look. See what catches your eye – it’ll be perfect for you.

I am so grateful for It’s Yoga Stockholm, for holding the Osho books in the studio. His words have been key to become my dream with every breath of the way. I am thankful that it happened sooner than later, at the perfect timing!

When I watched the sunset last night I was feeling: “Sunrise, Osho and sunset, what else do I need?”

It’s all good… Life is grand. So are you!


/ Seaturtle