I just find it amazing these days, how instant we can share love and inspiration with one another through various ways of communication! Whether it’s through street-art, a billboard, a blog or videocall, a photo or textmessage, a poem on a wall… the list of ways to share wisdom and creativity today is infinite!

I LOVE that!

Growing up in the countryside of Sweden made me understand the great impact the surroundings had on me. I was naturally fed with amazing energy, fascinating colors, shapes, textures, sounds etc. everyday, all year around…to access these unlimited combinations, spoiled me with freedom of creativity…it taught me to see, feel and touch the world with all that I am…

I believe that what we feed the soul, mind and our senses with, is who we are, what we become

When I travel I always collect “street-art” or “street-messages”, either by bying stuff or by snapping a shot with my camera. I love to be able to look back at something that inspired me, whether a city-wall or a painting in someone’s backyard…

…concrete, patterns, paintings, textures…words – there are innumerable things to get inspired by in a moment

..the other day while stuck in traffic, this truck drove by and reminded me of something


a bientôt Love Warriors,

become your dreams…

/ Seaturtle