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When I got back to Sweden in August last year, I met up with one of my best friends Cherie Cherokee. We’ve known each other for a decade, sharing dreams and the love for limitless creativity. As we regathered our forces, we decided to once and for all create a platform, where we could share and express our passions in life – Luna Collective was born.



There are endless creations and designs that fill our every-day-lives with magic and joy. In an over-consuming world, the art of re-creating, becomes more and more important. Fashionable trends come and go. We, as human beings, change as well and prefer to accentuate our selves differently from time to time. Luna collective is all about using what we have, or what we have been given. To the fullest extent possible, we make new creations out of old material. Sometimes we refine, other times we remake a design with a new twist, or totally redesign the material into something new. Imagination is key, as well as the passion for creating limitless. Feel free to drop us any inquieries about remakes or redesigns. We love new challenges!



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