I’ve been trying to write this post for about two weeks now. It’s just been growing and I’ve found myself censoring parts and being unsure whether I should post it or not, in fear of being too negative… (haha very contradictionary since some of it is about being truthful and courageous…). But I wanna share this since it’s something very important, something that is not just bothering me from time to time, but a lot of people surrounding me have expressed the same disappointment…so here it is:

Love Your Life, Act Out Of LOVE

…that’s how I wanna roll on a day to day basis. That’s what I find being one of the most inspiring qualities with friends and people surrounding me. All that courage and unconditional love they show in life through their relationships, work, fearless change of directions, how they appreciate themselves and how they nurture their lives. Bliss right there! The ripple effect that vibrates, from someone who loves himself/herself so much that there’s overflow to share with others, that’s just so beautiful and alive.

I just got back to Sweden after a couple of months in Los Angeles, one of my favorite places on earth, one of my homes. Every time I’m there I learn so much, I feel so much, I progress so much, I am ME so much. There’s just a great energy and openness, plus it is the epicenter of spiritual/healing-work, as well as of artistic/creative-work. So basically everything I love to do and learn is there, plus the spectacular nature with the ocean and the mountains…it all is healing to me. California love… just like my teacher Larry Schultz said on the first day of the Yoga Teacher Training last fall: “I think everybody should live in California at least once a lifetime – what you learn here in a couple of months takes years in other places…”.

Before I flew to the City of Angels on feb 12th, I knew this trip was gonna be something new, something special, a new era coming in, with new people crossing my path. I got on the plane with an open heart, my guitar, a suitcase and a big smile on my face.


As soon as I landed on LAX, picked up my car, and drove north on PCH 1 to my brother in Oxnard, I felt home. I know this place. I know the roads, I have had everyday-life here so many times…it just feels so effortless, so easy and natural to be in Cali.

To be one with the sunset and the sunrise here is just amazing.

The main reason for going to LA this time, was to attend a 10-week course in Meisner-technique (acting-technique) at the Meisner Center in North Hollywood. The teacher, Martin Barter, assisted Sanford Mesiner (the founder) for 14 years!!

I first got in contact with this technique in 2009 when I went to the New York Film Academy in LA, where Anthony Montes was teaching Meisner-technique. He’s an amazing teacher and through his passion for this work I found what I was looking for. This authenticity, this truthfulness… I fell in love with this way of working. I just knew I had to dig deeper into it as soon as there would be time and money…

In the 10-week- intensive, we pretty much finished the 1st year. It was an amazing journey, difficult and effortless at the same time. Best thing I’ve ever done! Learning to live truthfully and reading off of people’s behaviours as well as my own, are amazing tools to have in life whether we work as actors or not.

While doing this Meisner-intensive I also did Thetahealing, “Singing from the heart”-sessions, yoga, voice-coaching with Bob Corff, plus major OSHO-studies. They all rocked my world beautifully and brought me closer to the centre of my center, while encouraging me to: be truthful, live now, from moment to moment, be ME to the fullest. Life-changing months, both emotionally and spiritually.

It was INTENSE…it IS intense…it is LIFE!


Two weeks ago I had a couple of “mellow days”… As the days passed I observed what was going on inside me. I noticed a profound disappointment and sadness. As I dug deeper and remembered what had happened during these days, what had triggered all that pain und zu weiter, I encountered “a disappointment in humanity”, a deep “sadness” of witnessing how we as human beings often “act out of fear” and how that destroys moments that could have been shared and honored out of love. Beautiful moments lost in fear.

The things we say, the choices we make, the actions we do, our behavior that arises from different shapes of fear – they all have consequences and outcomes, whether we like it or not. The law of cause and effect…

Fear has many different shapes, shades, nuances…Fear of being betrayed, fear of being the best, fear of loving someone else, fear of receiving love, fear of not fitting in, fear of being wrong, fear of being vulnerable, fear of eating the wrong food, fear of being lonely, fear of failure, fear of wearing the wrong outfit, fear of being yelled at, fear of not being good enough, fear of not knowing what’s gonna happen next, fear of moving on, fear of accepting things the way they are…etc. the list is endless…

F – false

E – evidence

A – appearing

R – real

FEAR is disguising our true essence, FEAR puts up facades around us so we can’t act 100% truthfully and out of love. It takes balls, it takes courage to share love unconditionally, it takes vulnerability. Yet, in a lot of communities that is looked upon as weakness. BULLSHIT I say!!


it all escalated for me one afternoon after 3 different occasions/moments/actions

  • a phone-call from a friend
  • some thoughtless phrases a man at school said
  • watching a 4-year-old homeless little boy saying “FUCK YOU” while a man pulled the boy’s braids…

Three different “irresponsible/wasted” actions, big or small doesn’t matter, regardless of which category you would like to put them in, they still had the same things in common – waste of love, waste of life, waste of time…

The friend who called just spoke about nonsense for quite sometime, when there could have been beautiful true moments of sharing love and pure energy. The man at school was just another face of someone being outside of himself, off centre, and acting out of fear when there could have been moments of understanding and getting closer. The little street-kid’s way of saying “FUCK YOU” to that evil and fearful man, was the most intense and profound way I have ever heard anyone speak those words – so much resentment, pain, sorrow, disappointment, grief and tiredness expressed… That evil man could have given the boy a hug or just a soft touch on the head, a kiss on the cheek…

The reason why this all triggered and drained me was firstly, cause it was such a contrast to a constant flow of lovely days with loving people crossing my path, and secondly, cause I’m part of this humanity too. I’m part of this society, this world we’re living in. I have felt like the little kid. I’ve been acting out of fear. I still feel disappointed sometimes. I still act out of fear from time to time, even though I’m practicing everyday to speak honesty and sharing positive energy.

But this old “programming” from education and societies reflects through me as well sometimes. I just don’t like that. I’m reprogramming and I’m hoping for a ripple effect.

In school and society we are taught to be “smart” as in being intellectual rather than intelligent, have knowledge rather than wisdom…to know a lot about everything, to give the right answers, to compete, to fit in, to learn social codes, to be better, to try this and that to become better persons and more skillful people… Through my eyes we are taught to be mediocre, half-asleep, to DRIFT FURTHER AWAY FROM THE UNIQUE PERSON YOU ARE, be less you and more of nothing, be less you and more of everything else…

As a grown-up person I’ve started to reclaim that UNICITY I have. I’ve reclaimed that genius within me, that owns intelligence and love as a birthright. I’m a guru again, a goddess, a beautiful human being that’s more aware, that remembers what it feels like to act out of love, intuition and instinct. And thanks to people around me that DO ACT OUT OF LOVE, I’ve remembered what it is to live like that…one of my best friends and businesspartners Natasha Kothari at LOVE WARRIOR ARMY, was the first person who stepped into my life as a grown-up and said “you are love, we all are, so just BE LOVE”…

Imagine if that would be the base, if that would be part of education, part of society: the human normact out of love.

Are you acting out of love? Next time you say something to someone, look yourself in the mirror, comment on someone’s work, the way they dress, or give something away, or even just share a thought with yourself or someone else – take a second and ask yourself “am I doing this out of love for myself/ this person and for the love of life”. If the answer is yes, do it! If there is just a little doubt…take a second, the time is yours…how can you honor this particular moment out of love…your inner teacher will guide you if you let it…

We are human beings. We have feelings. That’s beautiful. We are all unique. There is noone in the whole world that is exactly like you! So forget about the “stick-with-the-program-and-everything-will-be-all-right”-attitude we’ve learnt in school and society…there is no textbook solution to life. There is no specific path to follow if you’re a free human, if you’re a robot yes there is, but if you wanna stay human, you have to look within you for your unique way. Find that unconditional love for yourself, then share it with the rest of the world. We all have courage inside of us, why not use it to the fullest!?

It’s your life. It’s your time. Sometimes life’s a storm and sometimes it is still, that’s life… In mine and Anders’ song “phony-burn-song” there’s a line that goes “I love and live, and live and learn of love”…that’s what it’s like for me…


This trip to LA really has been a major shift for me… so many beautiful souls came across my path. So many inspiring actors and spiritual people. So much love. And when there was lack of love, the contrast was just unbearable….like during the “mellow days”…Thank you universe for showing me the importance of ACTING OUT OF LOVE!

I love you,