When I lived in Hilversum outside of Amsterdam back in 2006, my Irish housemate Ciara and I had a conversation about injuries, diseases and sickness in general. We discussed how it all starts, coming from mental illness, blocks, unhealthy thoughts etc… Ciara then told me about “A book that reveals the cause/root of the pain in a particular part of the body. Let’s say that you have pain in the lower back, and that the root of that pain comes from worry/fear about i.e money. The book is a guide on how to heal your Self and  your body.”… we couldn’t find the title then…

But the one who seeks shall find!! haha  🙂

For 5 years I’ve been wondering when that book’s gonna come across. As always things happen when the time is rigth for me.

So in Bali about 1,5 months ago, I met a Swedish girl, Ylva, who had the title and the name of the author . Thank you Ylva!!!

3 weeks later I found the book, in what now has become my second home: the BODHI TREE on Melrose – check out this amazing inspirational place: http://www.bodhitree.com/

There it was “Heal Your Body” by Louise L. Hay!!! yay yay yay!

A  little thin book, that has a lot of wisdom, keys and tools in it. A book of love-boosts! You can check your spine vertebra by vertebra, you can look up organs, you can search by disease etc.

Find the PROBLEM, then read about the PROBLEM CAUSE, then use the mantras as NEW THOUGHT PATTERNs.

So far I have bought 4 copies and given away…I wish everybody to have a copy in their bag, at work, at home or wherever suitable.

Get your own copy at


It is just amazing to have this wisdom with you, so that when or if you feel out of tune and have something in your body that bothers you, something you can’t figure out. Look it up, maybe there’s a message for you, if not, at least you get a reminder and inspiration to create good thoughts…