There is a voice within you that can never be manipulated…that tone, that vibration, that frequency, is unique to you…

When you access the sacred voice ~ you access the voice of your soul

Whether you’re a speaker, singer, home-schooling parent, boss-babe, soccer coach, solo-living or however you lead your life this very moment:

voicing your inner truth to the universe has a direct call and response effect!

As a yoga teacher I’ve come across a lot of people over the years that find it intimidating to chant an OM at the end of a class – they just don’t feel comfortable with how their voice sounds…

As a former TV-host, singer and actress, I’ve met professionals that disguise their voice without even knowing it. Often they’re trained and have excellent technique – yet there is a lack of authenticity in their frequency and they often find themselves having trouble with the voice…

Whether a voice feels uncomfortable or fabricated – the personal signature is lost somewhere along the line.. When a part of the soul is disconnected, there’s usually mis-alignment and disconnection between the chakras… the truth from within is entangled with swallowed un-truths… over time this imbalance has created weaknesses and parts of the voice that have “fallen asleep”… this then shows as discomfort, disease, or disconnection… AND: in most societies we aren’t trained, nor given the tools to deal with that…

Therefore, I have created an online course called SACRED VOICE, where I share the insights, downloads and wisdom I’ve encountered over the past 30 years.

in the SACRED VOICE course we’ll go through:

  • the CHAKRAS that support your voice – how to align and attune them, work with them and strengthen them
  • the similarities between the YONI and the VOCAL CHORDS and how they are connected
  • the HEALING SOUND FREQUENCIES that you hold within your voice and how to use them
  • STRETCHES and EXCERCISES to keep your instrument healthy and true
  • how the VOICE IS SHOWING you when things are off/out of balance and HOW TO REALIGN again
  • understanding the GIFTS and SIGNS your voice communicates with you on the regular
  • WIDEN THE RANGE within your instrument

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