☆ W I T H I N s p i r a t i o n . V I S I O N ☆

Welcome to my new platform for souls that wish to connect deeper to their INtuition, INner wisdom and that higher calling from withIN: www.WITHINspiration.VISION ☆ W I T H I N s p i r a t i o n . V I S I O N ☆ we all carry a universe of magic within us. we are filled with superpowers and visions for our lives. sometimes these assets are asleep, or not fully embodied and anchored… to access our full life force, a stro
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 ♡ Nu när året går mot sitt slut, är vi många som på ett eller annat sätt summerar det gångna året. Vad kändes fint och magiskt? Vad är man glad över som passerat och som man kunnat lägga bakom sig? Vad skulle man vilja lägga till inför det nya året, både privat och professionellt?  ♡ Jag delar sedan ett par år tillbaka MY PERSONAL YOGA på företag. Ibland är det enstaka workshops, hos andra veckovis under långa perio
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We are almost at the end of a 9-year-cycle. For me, being born in 1980, this is the 4th one coming full circle… As I was crying last night, going through this past year – which has been one of the toughest ever in so many ways, yet a wonderful magical one – I found myself lost between gratitude and hopelessness… These last few days it’s like I’ve re-lived everything that has happen
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welcome to “DDsthlm”

April 29th was the opening day for my little haven “DesiréeDesignSTockHoLM”! I can’t believe I finally have a space for everything I love to do!! After all these years living across the world in suitcases and temporary places, it feels amazing to have all my things under the same roof! I can paint, make music, practice yoga, make jewelry, have workshops and lectures, throw events…pretty much d
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On Sunday night I went to the Dendy Cinema in Byron Bay, NSW, Australia, to watch the screening of the documentary: “Yogawoman – never underestimate the power of inner peace”.  The Aussie-filmakers Kate Clere McIntyre and Michael McIntyre, was there for a Q&A and the soundtrack artist Carmella Baynie played and sang angelic! The documentary reflects the power of love and life, how women around t
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