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Nu när året går mot sitt slut, är vi många som på ett eller annat sätt summerar det gångna året.

Vad kändes fint och magiskt?

Vad är man glad över som passerat och som man kunnat lägga bakom sig?

Vad skulle man vilja lägga till inför det nya året, både privat och professionellt?


Jag delar sedan ett par år tillbaka MY PERSONAL YOGAföretag.

Ibland är det enstaka workshops, hos andra veckovis under långa perioder.

Dessa stunder har kommit att bli några av de finaste i min vardag – att få vara del av och bevittna människors utveckling både inombords, fysiskt och spirituellt är en ynnest.  ALLT hänger ihop och får ringar på vattnet i alla riktningar i livet, både privat och yrkesmässigt (om det ens är någon skillnad?!).

Responsen har varit fantastisk, både i det stora och lilla. Den där stunden på mattan ger utrymme att re-seta, känna in, processa och släppa taget, vilket ger klarhet och närvaro både individuellt och kollektivt.

Vill du att jag ska komma till ditt företag? Jag har lite utrymme under våren för ett par nya klienter.

Hör av dig så hittar vi ett upplägg som passar er  ♡


jag undervisar på svenska eller engelska – your choice.







We are almost at the end of a 9-year-cycle.

For me, being born in 1980, this is the 4th one coming full circle…

As I was crying last night, going through this past year – which has been one of the toughest ever in so many ways, yet a wonderful magical one – I found myself lost between gratitude and hopelessness…

These last few days it’s like I’ve re-lived everything that has happened, not only this past year, but this whole 9-year-cycle, in a fast-forward-way. One moment super happy, the next one immersed in sorrow…

The conclusion, if any, is that it all needs to go through the system fully, so it can evaporate and resolve, so I have space for the new. But, it also reminds me that I am so much more in contact with how I feel these days, than I was 18 years ago, or even 9 years ago. That is such a treasure!

Through Meisner-technique, yoga, snowboard, surf, theta-healing, becoming a silversmith, painting, playing with my god-children, living in different cultures etc, I have met myself, seen myself, experienced myself more fully. For that I am forever grateful.  I feel free.

I’ve practiced to dare more, to be courageous, to go with the feeling all til the end and sit with and experience whatever’s there… anger, happiness, curiouity, sadness, resentment, joy, fear… the list is endless and I will keep on keeping on until the end… learning more with every breath and through whatever is mirroring me – people, art, mother nature…


For so many years I was this strong person that could do everything, deal with anything, overcome anything, build up anything, learn everything… I still am, it’s just that today, I have merged that with my super sensitivity more. I trust my intuition, I dare to feel along the way, to surround myself with what makes my heart sing.

I know now, when things feel good, when I’m scared of the unknown but should keep going, when I am not supposed to be somewhere or stop doing something that doesn’t serve me or anyone else anymore…

My soul, spirit, essence, has grown so strong, that whenever I try to go against it, my body resists… that’s why I can move from NY to Stockholm within 5 days… There is a knowing and trust that is physical AND spiritual at the same time… the IS-ness, whether one likes it or not, feels uncomfortable with it or not – IS there! I’ve learnt that surrender and acceptance is key for me…

I truly know and trust on a whole new level now. That trust is a gift. That knowing an asset. They´re treasures. Something magical that cannot be explained. I have lived, I’ve gained these treasures through everything that I cry and laugh about, through everything that has hurt me, everything that has filled me with love… That’s why I cry and laugh within an instant these days…


As we have the New Moon tonight and as we step into the 1 of a new cycle (next year 2+0+1+7 = 1 + 0 = 1), I made a list last night, of  big and small things, that I wish for my in life. Things that I wish to focus upon for the start of this next 9-year-cycle….

As I read through the list, I realized that there was a common thread, a seed, a core value underneath everything… The quote from Nayyiirah Waheed above, reflects that…

I wish to meet more people on the bridge… people that dare to welcome the unknown, even if it means walking slow short steps with tears in their eyes, they’re still willing to keep going… because there is a knowing and a trust within, playing like a gentle smile upon their face and their eyes sparkle of curiousity and love glitters in their eyes…


I pray.

May this be the year.

May this 9-year-cycle be laid upon a foundation of extraordinary love.


welcome to “DDsthlm”

April 29th was the opening day for my little haven “DesiréeDesignSTockHoLM”! I can’t believe I finally have a space for everything I love to do!! After all these years living across the world in suitcases and temporary places, it feels amazing to have all my things under the same roof! I can paint, make music, practice yoga, make jewelry, have workshops and lectures, throw events…pretty much do anything I want, AND what people in the community want! cause that’s really what I hope DDsthlm to be: a creative center for people that gravitate towards art, wisdom, love, yoga, design, freedom, music, abundance, curiosity, healing, authenticity… a space for all ages to cultivate creativity, raise awareness, share, to be who we are to the fullest extent in a beautiful way.

Welcome to the art space / studio  @ Allhelgonagatan 6 in skanstull, Stockholm!

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On Sunday night I went to the Dendy Cinema in Byron Bay, NSW, Australia, to watch the screening of the documentary:

“Yogawoman – never underestimate the power of inner peace”

The Aussie-filmakers Kate Clere McIntyre and Michael McIntyre, was there for a Q&A and the soundtrack artist Carmella Baynie played and sang angelic!

The documentary reflects the power of love and life, how women around the world with various backgrounds have found yoga to be an amazing vehicle to attune with their loving selves, empower the soul and carry them through thick and thin. Yogawoman is a beautiful documentary where we as an audience are invited to witness the universal oneness we’re all connected with, through our unique soul. I loved the documentary and I highly recommend you to attend a screening, or maybe host one at your studio/workspace/venue. For further information on screening-dates or how to set-up your own, just contact Kate or Michael through the website:


or check out and like their facebook-page:


Love and light to y’all!