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Thank God for Loney Dear

Last weekend I went to an E P I C concert.

Mr. Emil Svanängen a.k.a. Loney Dear shared his magical music in Hedvig Eleonora, a beautiful church from 1737, located in central Stockholm. Saturday’s concert was just as magical as the first time I heard him at Way Out West in Gothenburg last year. I’m so glad my friend Andy introduced me to his unique music! Loney Dear is a tremendous composer, beyond comparison. I just love how he creates realms that noone else can – whether on a festival or in a church, he creates magic in the moment! Mr. Emil Svanängen is one of Sweden’s most precious treasures. Thank you Loney Dear for a wonderful concert!


love and light



Whitsundays – a piece of paradise

At the end of July, I went on a 2-day sailing and diving-trip to the Whitsundays, 74 Island Wonders located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef on the tropical coast of Queensland, Australia. Me and my family boarded the Catamaran “Wings II” in piqturesque Airlie Beach, excited to float on the turquoise water with  Whitsunday Sailing Adventure.


Wings II had an amazing crew that took us around the islands, stopping at great diving and snorkel spots. It was surreal to sail through the epic landscape, and on top of that, see the world beneath us as well. Since 70% of the world is covered in waterm there’s quite a lot to see down there.

I  hadn’t been scuba diving since January last year (when I got my Open Water certificate in Bali) so I was eager to get into the water! We had a great instructor, Jake, very easygoing, calm, passionate and professional so I could feel safe and sound with all the eqipment again.

To get to dive and snorkel at The Great Barrier Reef has been a dream since early school days. I remember reading about UNESCO’s natural wonders of the world: The Great Barrier Reef is one of them – the world’s largest reef system! It’s so big it can be seen from outer space!

The diving was epic and I could feel my whole being smiling – it’s so wonderful to cruise through the water, listen to the breath, watching the beauty harnessed in the underwaterworld: MAGICAL!




More than 1,500 fish species live on the reef, and one of them is our little friend Nemo, also known as the clownfish.


The underwater photos  are taken by Jake, the amazing dive master at Wings.

The second day we sailed to the wellknown Whitehaven Beach. All I can say is: Postcard view! Such amazing clear turquoise water and the finest and whitest sand I’ve ever seen. WELCOME TO P A R A D I S E





As always when I experience wonders of nature like this – something happens inside. Weird and odd… I just freak out of happiness, blown away by the energy, yet struck by the peace it brings my soul. The whole register of contradictions flows through as I’m breathtaken. I’m crying, smiling, singing, running around FEELING the space with every cell of my body. Whether I’m snowboarding from the top of a mountain through epic backcountry-landscape, or sitting on the whitest beach in the world… it’s bliss. My heart smiles and my soul is at rest when I’m surrounded by grande nature…

the seashells were so fragile and intricate








 The reason why the sand is so white, is because the grains have rested here for millennia. As tides turned and seasons changed the elements stripped impurities from the grains until there was only brilliant white silica left…

The 2 days with Wings II were a once-in-a-lifetime-experience, thanks to the amazing captain, the dive master, the chef, the beautiful weather and the 21 other adventurers on board. I’m so grateful for this trip. Thank you Mom and J for making it happen sooner than never.








If you ever take the opportunity to travel to Australia, make sure to visit the Whitsundays. It’ll be a beautiful memory for lifetimes.


love and light


rehearsal times

The recordings of the upcoming album is slowly but surely unfolding in its divine timing!

Can’t wait to share the tracks with you all!

In the meantime I thought I’d share a little something from a rehearsal we had the other day. It’s simply me, Elle and Stu giving “I love you” a go outside the court house in Byron Bay, refreshing our memories before the actual recording in the studio.

Here’s a little taste:

[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”][/youtube]



love and light


“I Dissans Tid”

 Some things in life are difficult to believe unless we’ve got visible proof.

It makes it hard to grasp something when we can’t see it,  feel it, or touch it.

Nevertheless  – at night the stars become visible to our eyes, even though we can’t see them during the day.

For those of you that have followed my blog over the last year, know that it’s been a huge transition for me.

Little did I know back in 2002, when the first seeds were planted for this journey, that it was gonna take a whole decade to fully manifest the transition in me. Looking in the rearview mirror, I think “not knowing” that time-frame was for the best – cause I might have bailed and chosen the easy way out.

This shift, of getting to know who I am and balancing the “reasoning” and “intuition” in this wolrd, has been a trial-and-error-experience. Crossing the line, being in balance, trust the soul’s path, dealing with sickness and injuries, let love in, overcome tresholds, refining and defining who I am as I pave the path in my life… it’s been a beautiful and rough period that have moulded me and prepared me for the shift this year, 2012…

This last weekend was very emotional and odd in so many ways. Beautiful signs here and there showing me that I’m connected to my self, yet new obstacles popping up to delay the journey’s destination and not moving too fast forward. New “tests” making my life a roller-coaster of love-fear coming and going.

With tears in my eyes, I found a poem that My Mom sent me about 6 months ago – “I Dissans tid/In Dissan’s time” (Dissan is my nickname…). She wrote it when my everyday was a true struggle and I didn’t wanna live anymore. This poem means the world to me, it brings me comfort and it reminds me that the feeling of trust deep down within, exists even in the darkest of times. And even if I can’t see an outcome of things, or a result – if I trust that inner seed of love and passion, over time I’ll experience the coal becoming a diamond, or watching the caterpillar blossoming into a beautiful butterfly…

The poem was written in Swedish, but I’ll do a translation in english below…

I Dissans tid

Som ett smycke

av renaste guld

är ditt liv

i detta nu



ditt livs besmyckning

dess form

dess ädelstenar



för att en dag






In Dissan’s Time

As a jewelry

of purest gold

is your life

in this moment

The charm

your life’s embellishment

its shape

its precious gems



to one day






We’re all diamonds, amazingly and uniqely faceted…

Love and Light








Ever since I was a kid I’ve been collecting stones, branches, seashells, sticks and cones… The comfort it brings to have a little piece of nature in my room, pocket, around my neck, or on my finger, is fascinating and magical. The way nature erodes, molds, shapes and colors with sand, wind and water, creates amazing energy. That movement of change, that life force, that journey is tangible and unique in each piece. I love that raw pureness!!

The last couple of months I’ve come across some beautiful things along the beaches of Byron Bay and at the Crystal Catle. Some amazing driftwood have become new creations for my room, as well as my own version of chimes/dreamcatcher…there’s more to come…

I always find it interesting to observe the whole process of what a creation looks like in my head, versus the complete piece of art. I’ve had the “BecomeYourDream-Catcher” in my head and been feeling it for the last 2 months…slowly bulding it up as I’ve come across each piece. I’m stoked to finally present my: 


Love and light

/ Seaturtle