travelling the world within and without

podcast premiere!

follow your heART has been the mantra of my soul for as long as I can remember and is now tattooed on my left collar bone right above the heART… art, in all its forms, has been the joy and healing of my life for forever. in this PODCAST series I am sharing poetry, meditations, emotions, questions, conclusions, songs, wisdom, yoga, interviews … the full spectra from dark to light of messages from my soul in chan
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☆ W I T H I N s p i r a t i o n . V I S I O N ☆

Welcome to my new platform for souls that wish to connect deeper to their INtuition, INner wisdom and that higher calling from withIN: www.WITHINspiration.VISION ☆ W I T H I N s p i r a t i o n . V I S I O N ☆ we all carry a universe of magic within us. we are filled with superpowers and visions for our lives. sometimes these assets are asleep, or not fully embodied and anchored… to access our full life force, a stro
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We are almost at the end of a 9-year-cycle. For me, being born in 1980, this is the 4th one coming full circle… As I was crying last night, going through this past year – which has been one of the toughest ever in so many ways, yet a wonderful magical one – I found myself lost between gratitude and hopelessness… These last few days it’s like I’ve re-lived everything that has happen
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photography: www.cheriecherokee.com ——— I need to breathe fresh air Hear the wind Feel the morning mist cover my face Touch the mountain and the texture as I climb to the sky The scent of wet forest The dew on my clothes as I sit down I need a good swim in the sea, to feel my body cleansed All these thoughts dissolved All impressions on my skin fade away Pure freedom I’m reborn ———
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Thank God for Loney Dear

Last weekend I went to an E P I C concert. Mr. Emil Svanängen a.k.a. Loney Dear shared his magical music in Hedvig Eleonora, a beautiful church from 1737, located in central Stockholm. Saturday’s concert was just as magical as the first time I heard him at Way Out West in Gothenburg last year. I’m so glad my friend Andy introduced me to his unique music! Loney Dear is a tremendous composer, beyond compari
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