☆ W I T H I N s p i r a t i o n . V I S I O N ☆

Welcome to my new platform for souls that wish to connect deeper to their INtuition, INner wisdom and that higher calling from withIN: www.WITHINspiration.VISION ☆ W I T H I N s p i r a t i o n . V I S I O N ☆ we all carry a universe of magic within us. we are filled with superpowers and visions for our lives. sometimes these assets are asleep, or not fully embodied and anchored… to access our full life force, a stro
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welcome to “DDsthlm”

April 29th was the opening day for my little haven “DesiréeDesignSTockHoLM”! I can’t believe I finally have a space for everything I love to do!! After all these years living across the world in suitcases and temporary places, it feels amazing to have all my things under the same roof! I can paint, make music, practice yoga, make jewelry, have workshops and lectures, throw events…pretty much d
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diaryofaseaturtle + diaryofanartist

YAY! the EP is finally here!!! oh, how I have longed for this day!!! Please come share this night with me and listen to a few of the songs from the new EP “diary of a sea turtle”. the cute gallery/restaurant/café MAGNOLIA in Stockholm is hosting me this evening. that very same night I will paint the last A4-inkdrawing of march’s “diary of an artist”. for 30 days I’ve done one drawi
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Hi everyone! I’m stoked to let you know the fact that I’ll be back at Bellmansgatan 26 with my DD sthlm creations.   This time I’ll have the pleasure to share the space with my friend Maria Danielsson! She is knitting the most fantastic and gorgeous hats, ponchos, gloves etc. – You Name It!!! Check out her creations on www.deelicious.se. To stay tuned with the latest and greatest within our ha
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WELCOME to DDsthlm! I’m back in Stockholm preparing for my first expo of art and jewelry! Yay yay! I’m soooo excited to finally share some of my creations with y’all. The opening will be September 1st @ Bellmansgatan 26 in Stockholm @ 6-10 pm The expo continues tuesday-friday and I will be there working 2-9 pm those days… so if you can’t make it to the opening night, please swing by any
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