For sometime now, friends, family, and people that I’ve meet along the journey of this lifetime, have requested a blog where they can read about and be part of my adventures, everyday-life, everything and nothing.

so here it is,


I’m swimming from ocean to ocean.
I’m not a follower.
My religion is laughter.
I love my life.
my favourite mantra is:

“become your dream”


The quotation caught my eye back in Feb 2006, in the DE LA VEGA MUSEUM, East Village, NY.

James De La Vega – info

I bought a DE LA VEGA T-shirt, with one of his paintings on the front and the quotation “become your dream” on the back…

Those words – BECOME YOUR DREAM – were so powerful to me and has since then followed me everyday. They’ve become my favourite mantra in life, my truth…They’ve guided me through difficult decisions and comforted me when I’ve taken on new routes, that haven’t been the conventional way…


I feel very blessed. I am content. I have fulfilled so many of my dreams in this lifetime, met extraordinary people, learnt a lot of amazing things, gone through hard times and beautiful times, experienced the diverse colours of the rainbow…Everything has been perfect, just the way it was supposed to be. And everything is perfect now. If I look back, I feel like I’ve already lived a whole lifetime, even though I’m only 30. If I should die tomorrow, it would be fine. I am content. BUT “I’m not done yet”….that’s why for now my truth is:

become your dream


The diary of a seaturtle, will mirror my travels within and without.

Feel free to join me and share your thoughts, truths and inspirations in life.


Desirée Rosborg