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as of Jan 21st I am available for 1:1-sessions again 

in 2010 I started sharing 1:1-sessions, mainly through yoga.

as I’ve deepened my intuition and trusting the unknown, these sessions have evolved…

through healing practices, sound work, surrounding myself with crystals, living in remote nature around the world, through medicine woman work, shamanic trainings and mediations – my soul and spirit have shown me wisdom from previous life times and helped me to tap into other realms…

these INTUITIVE 1:1-SESSIONS consist of everything from breath work, essential oils, crystals, oracle card readings, energy work, yin-yoga, yang-yoga, to channeling… I am really just a vessel for what it is that wishes to come forth and be remembered for each and every person…

depending on the soul I have in front of me and what assistance, healing, information, change they face – each session is unique. 

a session lasts between 45 min – 90 min  (time in this case, does not matter, as what is coming through moves beyond time and space. the session will hold the exact amount of energy that the client can receive for the time being)

sessions are held:

 ☆ in person in Stockholm

 ☆ via Skype/Facetime

 ☆ scheduled time for channeling/reading

energy exchange: 900 SEK

I so treasure these unique sessions for the love and depth, as well as the connection and healing they hold.

if you feel called to contact me – don’t hesitate! these INTUITIVE 1:1-sessions are really for anyone, from all walks of life to kids, grown-ups and old… whether you know something specific you wanna “work through”, or don’t have a clue, trust that hunch…


podcast premiere!

follow your heART the PODCAST

follow your heART has been the mantra of my soul for as long as I can remember and is now tattooed on my left collar bone right above the heART…

art, in all its forms, has been the joy and healing of my life for forever. in this PODCAST series I am sharing poetry, meditations, emotions, questions, conclusions, songs, wisdom, yoga, interviews … the full spectra from dark to light of messages from my soul in channeled through my heART. whatever has come through has helped me understand my path…

for whatever it’s worth, maybe this podcast inspires you to follow your unique heART…

to get updates on new episodes, join the community at Facebook:

in the first episode I share my feelings about S O L I T U D E and the importance of it for the soul to keep growing. when I haven’t been surrounded by people that have had the capacity to meet me at my level, I have surrendered to solitude. the songs, paintings and poetry that has come to me in those times, have been essential for my human self to keep going. I begin this episode by sharing the Gayatru mantra and end it with my song LULLABY TO MY SELF. if you want the song in it’s entirety, it is available on itunes, just click the link below.

love & light
Desirée Rosborg

follow your heART

IMG_5431I am so stoked to finally share what I’ve been up to the last 1,5 years in terms of paintings…

friday MAY 25th I open up the  “follow your heART” vernissage

at KATARINA BANGATA 40 – södermalm STHLM

swing by for a glass between 6-9 pm

the space is also open sat + sun 11-5 pm

this VERNISSAGE holds big acrylic paintings as well as smaller

inkdrawings, charcoal, felt pen, aquarelle and mixed media work

there is something for pretty much any taste / age / price category

if your looking for something to hang in your home / office / cabana – you’ll find something unique

“follow your heART” has been the mantra of my soul for as long as I can remember

and is now tattooed on my left collar bone, right above the heART…

the paintings and drawings represent the full spectra of what the heart/life/soul experience

all moods and emotions are represented… from “fuck off” to “angelic messages”, love, intuition…



♡  ♡ ♡

love & light


☆ W I T H I N s p i r a t i o n . V I S I O N ☆

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Welcome to my new platform for souls that wish to connect deeper to their INtuition, INner wisdom and that higher calling from withIN: www.WITHINspiration.VISION

W I T H I N s p i r a t i o n . V I S I O N

we all carry a universe of magic within us. we are filled with superpowers and visions for our lives. sometimes these assets are asleep, or not fully embodied and anchored…

to access our full life force, a strong intuition + aligning body-mind-soul in a spiritual and physical way, is called for. then, our energy can be fully directed into the things that we truly wish to invest our time in. we can live our truth in the micro and macro, fully stepping into our life mission and soul’s purpose.

through WITHINspiration.VISION I’ve been guided to share and be of service to souls that wish to unleash the superpowers within, drop deeper into their own truth, strengthen their intuition and access the creative energy from within.

basically: leading a magical, playful and authentic life!

if you feel called to share paths for a moment, I will gladly walk with you. check out the 1:1-sessions and circles and drop me an email to book something for yourself. if you have any questions or thoughts, just reach out to


flowers-1316027 WEB




Nu när året går mot sitt slut, är vi många som på ett eller annat sätt summerar det gångna året.

Vad kändes fint och magiskt?

Vad är man glad över som passerat och som man kunnat lägga bakom sig?

Vad skulle man vilja lägga till inför det nya året, både privat och professionellt?


Jag delar sedan ett par år tillbaka MY PERSONAL YOGAföretag.

Ibland är det enstaka workshops, hos andra veckovis under långa perioder.

Dessa stunder har kommit att bli några av de finaste i min vardag – att få vara del av och bevittna människors utveckling både inombords, fysiskt och spirituellt är en ynnest.  ALLT hänger ihop och får ringar på vattnet i alla riktningar i livet, både privat och yrkesmässigt (om det ens är någon skillnad?!).

Responsen har varit fantastisk, både i det stora och lilla. Den där stunden på mattan ger utrymme att re-seta, känna in, processa och släppa taget, vilket ger klarhet och närvaro både individuellt och kollektivt.

Vill du att jag ska komma till ditt företag? Jag har lite utrymme under våren för ett par nya klienter.

Hör av dig så hittar vi ett upplägg som passar er  ♡


jag undervisar på svenska eller engelska – your choice.