It’s may 29th today and according to the Swedish calendar it’s Mother’s Day.

A day to celebrate all the moms, grand-moms, extra-moms and step-moms out there. A day to salute the motherhood and to remember the importance of a female role model…the ones that are here on earth right now, and the ones that have passed on to other places, but still inspire and create ripple effects of love and dreams among the contemporary people.

me and mommy

My biological mom, Ingegerd Rosborg, gave birth to me in may 1980. Mom and dad were not supposed to have more kids…yet “unplanned” I popped out as child number 3, eager to spend time with this family.

I guess my spirit saw from up above how awesome it would be to take part of this “clan” out there in the countryside in the south of Sweden, led by my Mom.

My Mom has always been the greatest inspiration in my life!

I totally admire her wisdom, spirituality, truth, courage, humbleness, intuition and lack of prestige that she’s been showing unconditionally throughout her life. She has always lived close to Mother nature and stayed open and carried through any obstacle or sickness along the road of life.

One thing is for sure, wherever I am in the world, we are always close…by having her as a mother I knew from the start what oneness was… We are all one, we are all connected, and with her it’s just been so clear from the start. We are always close, one, connected no matter how time and space play out their cards. It’s like our connection goes beyond that.

Another thing that is cool with my Mom is that she dares to be outstanding and rebel against the things she doesn’t agree with. She also follows her passion and becomes her dreams, and welcomes other “moms” into my life to teach me the things she doesn’t have time to.

Having her close through the rocky roads of life and watching her state a living example on how one can be creative through long periods of subsistence level, have been crucial for me. She has taught me to stay close to the God in me, to listen to my intuition and she has shared the tools of wisdom to lead an honest life. She’s never dressed up things or lied to me even though it would’ve made the journey easier a lot of times. Instead she’s been encouraging me to live MY life and inspired me to be a pioneer like her…

This is my superhero-mom after surfing at Mondo beach in California.

I don’t know if Mom’s aware of it, but to me she’s a superwoman in all ways.

She is one of the most prominent researchers in the world on drinking water, and by just typing her name on Swedish google, there are 16 800 hits!!! She has showed me through her strength that everything is possible, you just gotta be creative and find a way, be passionate about it, hang in there, never sell your soul and let time pass in the meantime… She got her PhD. when she was 55!! How cool is that!! I love you mom, way to go!!

My mom is my hero, my friend, my inspiration, my guide.

I love that she’s never had a philosphy on “how to raise kids”, but rather just follow us children along the way, kind of like the “duck-moms” do – the children lead the way and whenever they’re about to fall, the mom’s there to support that unique way…

I’m so grateful for being spoiled with

* freedom rather than being “preached at”

* honesty

* wisdom

* trust

Thanks to my Mom I’ve always felt that I can solve any situation.

Thank You!

I wish You all the best in the worlds. I hope You recieve the Nobel Price one day, for everything you’ve done for the drinking water, for unconditionally sharing your wisdom through science and spirituality with the world!

Mom, I give you the Nobel Price for being the best Mom I could ever have wished for.

We match!

love and light,

“Lilla My”