we are on the verge of closing a decade, an era of deep transformation.

as of 11/11 I will start doing personal readings for 2020.

if you wish support, clarity and guidance for your next phase and transition into the GOLDEN ERA, I’m here to assist you.

the 2020 READING includes:

  • 3-card spread + channeled information of the treasures this past decade has brought you, gems of wisdom to take with you in this next year, decade and era
  • 12-card spread for the 12 months of 2020 + guidance month by month
  • 1 overall card for 2020 with sacred message from the oversouls

to book a reading, email a picture of yourself where I can see your eyes.

the energy exchange is 1111 SEK and can be paid via PayPal or swish.

once payment is cleared you can expect the reading within a few days.

all readings come by email

send your request with topic “READING 2020” to