as of Jan 21st I am available for 1:1-sessions again 

in 2010 I started sharing 1:1-sessions, mainly through yoga.

as I’ve deepened my intuition and trusting the unknown, these sessions have evolved…

through healing practices, sound work, surrounding myself with crystals, living in remote nature around the world, through medicine woman work, shamanic trainings and mediations – my soul and spirit have shown me wisdom from previous life times and helped me to tap into other realms…

these INTUITIVE 1:1-SESSIONS consist of everything from breath work, essential oils, crystals, oracle card readings, energy work, yin-yoga, yang-yoga, to channeling… I am really just a vessel for what it is that wishes to come forth and be remembered for each and every person…

depending on the soul I have in front of me and what assistance, healing, information, change they face – each session is unique. 

a session lasts between 45 min – 90 min  (time in this case, does not matter, as what is coming through moves beyond time and space. the session will hold the exact amount of energy that the client can receive for the time being)

sessions are held:

 ☆ in person in Stockholm

 ☆ via Skype/Facetime

 ☆ scheduled time for channeling/reading

energy exchange: 900 SEK

I so treasure these unique sessions for the love and depth, as well as the connection and healing they hold.

if you feel called to contact me – don’t hesitate! these INTUITIVE 1:1-sessions are really for anyone, from all walks of life to kids, grown-ups and old… whether you know something specific you wanna “work through”, or don’t have a clue, trust that hunch…



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